Settler Log Cabins

You may also wish to visit our Settler Log Cabin floor plans page. Settler log cabins come in Single Wide and Modular.

Settler style cozy log cabin

Settler Log Cabins: Single Wide

Our single wide Settler Log Cabins are a great choice for a weekend a getaway, hunting camp, office, and much more. This log cabin model offers enough space for a kitchen, bathroom, and one or two bedrooms. It's economically built in one piece to give you a rustic, high quality log cabin which can be delivered and placed on a crushed stone or concrete pad just like a storage shed.

Settler Log Cabin Features: Single Wide

An insulated entrance door, aluminum windows, and a 6-foot-deep front porch are all standard features on Single Wide Settler Log Cabins.

Settler Log Cabin Sizes: Single Wide

12' & 14' wide and up to 48' long
(length includes 6' porch)

Settler Log Cabin: Modular

With widths of 16', 20', 22', 24', or 26' our modular Settler Log Cabins can be configured to fit your needs and budget. These cabins offer wide-open rooms with full cathedral ceilings, providing that cozy pine-scented atmosphere that only a log cabin can offer.

Settler Log Cabin Features: Modular

The modular Settler Log Cabin features an insulated door and windows and a 6-foot-deep, full-width porch.

Settler Log Cabin Sizes: Modular

16', 20', 22', 24' & 26' wide
and up to 48' long
(length includes 6' porch)