Settler Log Cabins

You may also wish to visit our Settler Log Cabin floor plans page. Settler log cabins come in double and single module.

Settler style cozy log cabin

Settler: Double Module

The double module Settler Log Cabin is truly a Cozy Cabins original. You will love the 6’ deep full-cathedral porch which spans the entire width of the home. This log cabin style has been very popular for second homes and weekend cabins through the years and can also make a fantastic full-time residence.

The many sizes available make it very budget friendly. It is the only style that is available in both single and double-module configurations. The real bragging rights of a Settler? Definitely its big and open great room. Tucking the bedrooms in the back of the home and the kitchen and bath along one side allow the remaining space to be one, open room for living, dining, and entertaining guests. So find a size that fits, and remember: Memories of time spent at your log home with loved ones is priceless!

Settler Log Cabin Features: Double Module

The modular Settler Log Cabin features an insulated door and windows and a 6-foot-deep, full-width porch.

Settler Log Cabin Sizes: Double Module

Double module Settlers are available in widths from 22’-28’ and lengths up to 52’ (including the front porch).

Settler style cozy log cabin

Settler Log Cabins: Single Module

Single-module Settler log cabins are a great choice for a weekend getaway, fishing camp, office, campground rental, and much more. This style offers enough space for a kitchen, bathroom, and even one or two bedrooms; and is still economically built in one piece – giving you a rustic, high quality log cabin which can be delivered in a single load with little or no on-site setup.

Options for customizing abound. The layout you need will vary greatly, depending on your use. Are you renting the cabin and need plenty of sleeping space? We can arrange the bedroom windows so your bunk bed and full-size bed both fit and make the living area large enough for a futon which can double as an extra sleeping space. Enjoy the simple life. It all starts with your log cabin in the woods.

Settler Log Cabin Features: Single Module

An insulated entrance door, insulated windows, and a 6-foot-deep front porch are all standard features on Single Wide Settler Log Cabins.

Settler Log Cabin Sizes: Single Module

Floor sizes range from 11’ to 15’ wide and up to 52’ long. The 6' front porch is included in the overall length.