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Welcome Home

                    A place to call home.

                    After a long day on the job, or even a family
                    outing — what could be more satisfying
                    and relaxing than returning to a rustic, Cozy
                    Cabins masterpiece you can call your own?
                    Let the natural aroma of the knotty pine
                    interior soothe your senses and invigorate
                    your soul. You might think you're dreaming,
                    but you too can join our family of satisfied
                    customers who have already made it a reality.
                    A home is a place for family, friends,
                    and laughter. So go ahead, invite friends
                    and have a good time. Cozy memories
                    are begging to be made here!
                    We are committed to building your home
                    your way. The style, size, and features are
                    for you to choose; but if you prefer it
                    quick and easy, just choose one of our
                    well-designed floor plans that best fits
                    your lifestyle. If you want to put your own
                    personal touch into your layout, you have
                    the freedom to customize one of our floor
                    plans, or even design your own from scratch!
                    Just show us what you want and our design
                    team will create accurate scale drawings
                    from your ideas.
                    And to top it off: All our homes are modular
                    construction — meaning they are pre-built
                    and delivered to your job site in sections,
                    already 75%–90% complete, and you can
                    move in much more quickly with fewer
                    headaches. It also means your home is
                    constructed under a roof in a controlled
                    environment, therefore no rain or snow can
                    cause mold issues later. It’s efficient too, with
                    much less waste of building materials than
                    traditional construction. Your 21  century
                    modular log home is something for you
                    and the next generations to be proud of!

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