Adirondack Log Cabins

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An Adirondack Cozy Log Cabin

Adirondack Log Cabins

The Adirondack Log Cabin makes a great weekend getaway or hunting camp. High cathedral ceilings create an open feel in the great room, and a ceiling fan keeps heating and cooling efficient. Two loft areas are provided – over the rooms in the back and over the porch in the front – giving you extra storage space or two sleeping areas, saving space on the first floor. Both lofts are accessible by ladders. Make it your special place to reflect, retreat, and rejuvenate!

Adirondack Standard Features

The Adirondack Log Cabin comes standard with insulated windows, 8-foot-high sidewalls, and a high pitch roof. A 6-foot-deep front porch with a loft over it is included. The loft includes a ladder, railing, and insulated window. An insulated entrance door is standard on the front, painted your color choice.

Adirondack Log Cabin Sizes

Adirondacks are available in widths of 11’, 13’, and 15’ and up to 52’ long (including the standard 6’ front porch and loft).