Adirondack Log Cabins

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An Adirondack Cozy Log Cabin

Adirondack Log Cabins

With high walls, big windows, and steep roof, the Adirondack Log Cabin brings a new style to the game. The cathedral ceiling allows room for lofts over the porch and bedrooms. These lofts give you sleeping area upstairs, allowing more space on the main floor.

Adirondack Standard Features

The Adirondack Log Cabin comes standard with insulated windows, 8-foot-high sidewalls, and a high pitch roof. A 6-foot-deep front porch with a loft over it is included. The loft includes a ladder, railing, and insulated window. An entrance door is standard with your choice of either wood or a steel door with primer.

Adirondack Log Cabin Sizes

12', 14' & 16' wide and up to 48' long
(length includes a 6-foot-deep porch)