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Maintaining your Cozy Cabin

To preserve the natural beauty of your log cabin or home you need to maintain the exterior by re-staining it periodically. Fresh stain shall be applied approximately every 5 years. The stain that was factory-applied to your home is Haley Paint’s Wilderness Ultra Log Stain 701 (since 2019). Our standard color is Butternut; however, re-staining with this same color will significantly darken the color of your home so we highly recommend re-staining with Natural, which is a lighter tone. Test the color on a small patch in an inconspicuous location.

Step 1

Remove the shutters and anything else attached to the home that blocks access to stained surfaces.

Step 2

Clean the exterior. This is typically done with a pressure washer. The goal is simply to clean the siding – not to strip the previous stain. Be careful not to wash so closely that it roughs up the wood. If any mildew is present, treat it with a mold & mildew remover before re-staining.

Step 3

When the exterior has fully dried you are ready for the stain. It is typically applied with a large brush. If you choose to apply it with an airless sprayer it may still need to be back-brushed for consistency. A properly-installed single coat of stain is all that’s needed to freshen and preserve your exterior for the next 5 years. Reinstall your shutters when the stain is fully cured.



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