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Modular Log Cabins Manufactured in PA

At Cozy Cabins, our goal is to not only to build custom modular log homes and cabins, but to do so with a personal commitment with our customers. Allow us to create a residential masterpiece that you can call home…a log home or tiny cabin that is awe inspiring, welcoming and cozy. In addition to being custom built to your liking, these modular log homes are energy efficient & affordable. Experience the benefits from the simplicity of working with one company for design and completion of the structure, interior finish, flooring, electrical, and more when you work with Cozy Cabins!

The attention to detail our craftsmen put into each residential log cabin and home is evident and exceeds expectations. But don’t take our word for it, check out our display models or view one in person at your local retailer and make it a firsthand experience!


Custom Built Modular Log Homes & Tiny Cabins

Allow us to create a log home masterpiece that is as unique as you are! Although we have many modular log cabin interiors ideas, floor plan suggestions and exterior cabin designs, many of the elements can be customized. Have a unique log home floor plan in mind? We at Cozy Cabins are glad to bring life to a sketch, draw your floor plan to scale or give you a price quote!

Explore Our Log Cabin Floor Plans and Styles

Browse our selection of log home and tiny cabin pages or visit our cabin interiors page. Contact us for information about a custom log cabin.

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