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Log Cabin Pros and Cons


Solid log homes are still being built as authentic reproductions of days gone by. However, it is an ever-increasing battle to meet the modern energy requirements when using solid log construction. In fact, special exemptions are being granted by some building codes in an effort to keep solid log construction from going extinct.  Using traditional framing techniques allows Cozy Cabins to insulate wall cavities just like any other house and create a continuous windbreak on the outside of the wall to avoid drafts. The log siding on the exterior and pine interior finish only furthers the insulating properties of the wall.  And if you want even more?  Ask us about closed cell spray foam.


With solid log construction, door and window operation can be affected as the logs age and settle.  To combat this issue, many builders allow an intentional void above the windows and doors.  In an age where we are adamant about blocking every draft, this is not a good practice.  Using traditional framing ensures that there will be no settling, and our method of attaching the log siding allows natural movement of the wood without creating any problems.


Although solid log homes of today’s age are very customizable, it all comes at a high price. Custom electrical and plumbing is easy with our framed walls and does not require costly drilling and notching of logs. This allows our floor plans to be completely flexible without concerns about costs or fixture locations.


Modern log homes have grown far from their primitive roots. Many of today’s log homes are between 2,500-7,000 square feet and each is very customized. It is costly for manufacturers of these large homes to construct a modestly sized log home, making the cost per square foot very high. Our framing techniques allow us to use more conventional building products and construct homes of various sizes all for affordable prices.


With our white pine log siding on the exterior and horizontal pine boards inside it is still that rustic cabin look your heart is yearning for, without the large “check” lines in the logs.  Full logs split open and reveal large horizontal cracks when they dry.  These cracks are called “checks”.  This issue does not affect our log siding.

Tip: Add our Log Corners option for the authentic butt-and-pass log look!

Learn About All Our Modular Construction Benefits!

Stronger Construction

Because modular log homes must be built to withstand the forces of truck delivery and lifting forces when the crane places them on their foundations they are built considerably stronger than the typical site-built home.

Weather Protection

If you’ve built a home through a snowy or rainy season you know the effects it can have on your partially built home. When working with deadlines, lumber is often enclosed in the walls before it has time to dry out and can have effects on the longevity of your home. Modular homes are built in a climate-controlled facility and are completely weather-tight before leaving the factory. Learn more about how to properly maintain your cabin today!

Bulk Materials

Modular construction allows the manufacturer to purchase all materials in bulk quantities. Many common building supplies are bought by the truckload. This buying power allows us to purchase products at a better price than the typical site contractor who is forced to purchase at a local lumberyard and then ship multiple products separately to your job site.


Materials left over from one home are used for the next project, limiting waste.  Lumber cut-offs are ground into shavings and mixed with our sawdust, which is then used in the local community as animal bedding.


The construction that takes place in our factory is inspected to your local code requirements as it is being built. No need to worry about the delay of the next contractor while you wait on the local inspector’s schedule. All the local inspector needs to see is the site work, such as the foundation, etc.

Time Frame

Are you working with a tight deadline? Modular construction allows home construction to be taking place at the same as site excavating and foundation construction. Homes can literally be delivered a day after the foundation is ready, and you can often be moved in a few weeks.

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