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Cozy Cabins Customer Testimonials

The Perfect Choice

From start to finish working with Cozy Cabins was the perfect choice for us. We worked with Dean every step of the way, who was very professional. He set us up with a wonderful General Contractor who was just as helpful. We got our Pioneer delivered and setup within 9 months. Being able to walk through the model homes and seeing the floor plans made our decision on the Pioneer easy. The craftsmanship is outstanding. We highly recommend a Cozy Cabin for your weekend getaway or forever home!

K. Wallace

James Creek, PA

Very Impressed!

We visited the open cabins before delivery to get a feel of how our cabin will look like. WOW we were very impressed! The cabin was delivered on-time and we love it!!! We are as excited children two weeks before Christmas ☃️🌲. Thank you for an excellent job 🙂

B. Braitsch

Wardensville, WV

Highly Recommend

We love our Cozy cabin! Everything in it was done professional and looks awesome. It’s been one year and everything still looks new. I would highly recommend this company to everyone!

R. Jenks

Wardensville, WV

Log Cabin in the Woods

It all started with a grown over jeep trail in the woods in November of 2019 when we bought the property.   Despite a pandemic, rain, snow, a recession, supply chain issues, 2 trips to the Emergency Room etc. our dream has finally come true thanks to Cozy Cabins and Tri-County Homes team.  We couldn’t be happier with the Cabin, it has exceeded our expectations in terms of the quality of the product, the spaciousness inside, the attention to detail (we noticed all the wall plate screws were exactly vertical!) and the overall way Cozy Cabins kept us informed during the build process including the walk through videos.   The cabin was built on time and to our exact specifications.


We wanted to thank Cozy Cabins and Tri-County homes for the thoughtful house warming gifts you gave us, it means a lot to us that we are not just another customer, you made us feel like our project was special.  We dealt with over a dozen different contractors on this project and you were by far the best companies we dealt with through this process.


Our Cabin is unique in many ways making all that more special to us.  Pole power was not available where we built, so we improvised and made the entire property “off grid” with a Solar Array for power, a backup propane generator, propane for heat, a single residence sewage treatment plant, and a water well.  We have had many visitors already and they all remarked how beautiful the cabin was inside and out and that we were able to live off grid with the solar array.  We have had the solar array since June and we have not yet had to use the backup generator even with contractors on-site using the power for various tools, testing of the AC unit, furnace, water well pump, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, coffee machine, washer/dryer, electric hot water tank etc.


While the overall process took way longer than we expected, that was due to things beyond your control (our financing delays due to Covid, excavation and site prep work due to rain/snow and inability to find contractors for some of the infrastructure work).   Site prep work/excavation was done in March of this year, the precast walls were set in early April, the cabin was set on the foundation on April 29th and we had the final walk through with Brad on August 30 and the couple finishing touches were completed the same day.


On our first date in September of 1983, we both wanted to have a “log cabin in the woods”.  I retired in January of 2021 after 35 years in a successful career and our dream is now a reality having a “log cabin in the woods” on 12.5 wooded acres where the nearest neighbor is over a mile away.  We hope to spend our retirement years with our family enjoying the wonderful haven you helped us to create.  Thank you very much.


The Schwartz’s

Brockport, PA

I Love It!

Its quite interesting the people who show up, It is interesting to see their faces when they walk in. They are surprised at the spacious living room and kitchen. The high ceiling helps and the kitchen cabinets are quite the item. It is the loveliest kitchen I have had, and I lived at 9 places. I am doing a lot of advertising for you. I love it!

E. Seibel

Columbia, PA

The Cabin of our Dreams

This is the story of an old cabin with a lot of problems to literally building the cabin of our dreams.  It all begins four years ago; we bought a cabin in Leeper that had 2 acres that had a beautiful view of a 2-acre pond. We purchased this property because we instantly fell in love with the view. The cabin was an old cabin and after having an inspection we decided to pursue the cabin. As we looked back, it was probably was not the ideal property to buy as we were land locked by a family that owned 27 acres and the pond around us. The cabin we discovered shortly had many major problems that sadly were missed by the home inspector. We discovered we had termites. We began fixing up the old place. We put new windows and a new roof which we knew was needed when we purchased the home. What we did not know was that the home had black mold and that water was literally running under the floors as well as horrible termite damage. We were getting sick every time we stayed from the mold. By what we can only call fate the family that owned the 27 acres around us came up for sale, so we purchased it. We kept on putting more money into the old cabin but still wasn’t what we wanted. When we realized we had black mold, termite damage and the cabin was falling off the foundation we knew we had to do something and quick.

In April 2020 we stopped at Tri-County homes to look at the Chalet model home. We met the salesman Brad and that day we became instant friends. From the very moment we entered the Chalet, we knew that without a doubt that we wanted it on our property. We were so happy with the service that Brad, and Tri County gave us we never looked at any other manufactures. We got the pricing and went home. On Easter weekend we presented the plans to our sons and daughters-in-law. They immediately agreed we needed to tear down the old cabin and replace with the new Chalet. We decided to build where the old cabin was but facing the pond that we loved so much. We vowed that I would never build a home as all the horror stories we have heard. We were so impressed with Tri County that we asked to go see the manufacture, Cozy Cabins, to see how the cabins were built. Brad made all the arrangements and we met Dave, the owner, at their site and he gave us a full tour of their facility. We got to see actual cabins being built and all their model homes. When we left, we were 100% sold we wanted to deal with Cozy Cabins and Tri-County homes. The next day we contacted Brad and told him we wanted to proceed with the planning. We met the owner of Tri-County homes Howie which was so great to deal with also. After about 15 changes to the design, we came up with a plan we loved. We went into to Tri-County Homes in September 2020 to sign the papers and make the first deposit. Cozy Cabins started building our new home the beginning of December. We asked Brad if we could go back to Cozy Cabins to see our cabin being built. He made a call to Dave and we made another trip. Dave gave us a tour of our cabin and went over every detail with us. Our cabin was done the end of December. In February 2021 we had the old cabin torn down and Tri-County Homes started with the foundation. Tri County was with us from start to finish including building permits, etc. Everyone at Tri-County Homes especially Brad worked diligently to meet our every request.  On March 2nd the cabin was brought in and put on the foundation. The Tri County project manager Mark was amazing. He was on the site every day to oversee the whole process and Brad would make several trips daily to see the progress and both even took pictures daily to update us on the build. We were over 2 hours away so for us this was so appreciated. There were some very minor issues during the transportation such as our narrow driveway and a tree and a pole in the way, but the experienced crew took care of it.   During the whole process we made at least 50 calls to Brad and not once did he ever get upset or impatient with us. He had the patience of a saint.  He was always willing to investigate our concerns. He made building a house effortless. We can bet not everyone can say that building a house was easy, but we can honestly say that it was with Tri- County.  Brad, Mark and Howie were amazing and made this dream home of ours a reality with barely any stress. On April 5, we were in our new dream cabin and absolutely love it.  The service, construction and the quality of workmanship of our home is second to none. If we ever built a home again, they would be the first builder we call.


We would highly recommend dealing with Tri-County Homes and Cozy Cabins. Brad, Howie, Mark & Dave are amazing to work with.

Thank you all for making our dream become a reality.



The Grimms

Leeper, PA

Care for Detail

As my wife and I began to plan for our future retirement we were lucky enough to come across Cozy Cabins. We presently have property in North Central Pennsylvania with a small cabin on it. We are looking expand the cabin into a home as opposed to a weekend retreat. We have always dreamed of a “REAL” log home and attempted to pursue that dream. After research and communicating with several LOG HOME manufactures several items became apparent, first pricing for the package is kit cost only. We were informed on average the turn key price of a LOG HOME is 3 times the kit cost. Additionally to complete the entire project was going to be a massive undertaking trying to coordinate everything from electric, plumbing, flooring, kitchen, bathrooms etc.  And finally the energy efficiency of log to modular construction is staggering with log being only about 50% as efficient. Hello Cozy Cabins.. We contacted Dave Seibel and set up an appointment. During our first meeting Dave created a custom plan for joining our existing building and the new addition. A quote was prepared in a timely fashion and we pondered our decision. After a lengthy evaluation we decide to go with Cozy Cabins and put an order in for as close to turn key as can be. Dave suggested a contractor in our area that he has a history with to coordinate final fit up. Presently we are anxiously awaiting a 2022 delivery. Their cooperation, attentiveness and care for detail is amazing and first and foremost their quality is second to none. Go with Cozy Cabins, you won’t be sorry.

M. Steever

Tioga, PA

Care about the Buyer

Just wanted to tell everyone that Cozy Cabins are the best built and best for you money cabin, home you can find. I looked. They are very professional and care about you the buyer. My wife and I know first hand. David the owner very easy to deal with and wants to help you. Dean wow, if it wasn’t for him we probably Would not have a cozy cabin. We now have one that We are moving into September 21, 2021. There is a long story to our venture. But now its a new beginning.

R. Mill

Emmaus, PA

Everyone was Friendly

Where do we start? This style of home was a far off dream for my wife and I. As we did a search on modular log homes we found Cozy Cabins in New Holland PA. I signed up for a catalog and received it quickly. Soon after we decided to take the 3 hour drive (one way) with our dog and visited there facilities. Took a self guided tour through all of the models they have on site. Soon after I called and spoke to Dean Z. and made an appointment to meet with him. It was astonishing to watch him work and help us design our home. They were to nice. It was to easy. They answered all of our questions with building a new home. It was like we had friends helping us build our dream home. Never felt pressured or hurried along. We decided that this was the company to fulfill our needs. Even after plans were designed and changes made, there was never a complaint. They worked with all the contractors I had in place and communicated with them immediately. Even they were impressed with there professionalism and told me. When it was time for Cozy Cabins to begin our build. Morgan would take pictures of the daily progress and post them for us. Can’t describe how good that made us feel. So we took another trip out to see the build. Again Morgan stepped away from his work and took us out to see the build in progress, how amazing it all was. Astonishing. All the employees buzzing around us. Everyone was friendly. So then we started to discuss the delivery. I was worried because we had a challenging driveway. Dean immediately called over Dave (I hope that’s his name) who handles the delivery portion and we spoke. They visited the site and asked me to have one minor thing done to allow for the 15’ wide trailer to get up the driveway. The day of the delivery was spectacular. Everything and everyone arrived on time and started working on prep. Then the trucks arrived. And within three hours the home was in place. Spectacular. It was amazing to see everyone working together the crane operators, the truck drivers, the Cozy Cabins site workers. At the end of the day we were able to walk inside our home. Three days later it was complete. And our dream home was done. Any concerns were addressed immediately and to our satisfaction. Even after the home was completed I have been able to call and speak to someone about whatever info I needed for example checking to see if adding dimmers to some of the lighting was acceptable. When we had the home inspection he was even impressed with the build. Also the owner of the site contractor I used was so impressed he said he would be looking into contacting Cozy Cabins So to sum it up. Cozy Cabins is absolutely fantastic and we were fortunate to find them. I will absolutely refer them and have. THEY ARE THE COMPANY YOU WANT AND NEED. Thank you ALL so much for making our dream a reality. It is the most beautiful home imaginable.


P. Rivers

Bath, PA


We love our cabin. The design and customization process was a breeze. They delivered about a month ahead of schedule. The finish of the home is flawless inside and out. Could not recommend more highly.


M. Deery

Albrightsville, PA

Undivided Attention

Cozy Cabins was by far the best choice for us. We checked out all of their choices and floor plans. They sent us pricing and floor plans. We then went and toured their on site models. We traveled again and met with Dean and he gave us his undivided attention and answered all of our questions. He then sent us plans for our Musketeer along with pricing that included everything from construction, delivery and setup to our land in Canton, Pa. Fast forward almost two years until we made the final decision. Dean spent a lot of time adjusting the size and floor plan until we came up with exactly what we needed to accommodate the location where we wanted the cabin placed. We tell my in-laws we are going up to the cabin this weekend and they say “You’re still calling it a cabin”! The quality and craftsmanship is superb. The construction left several contractors amazed. We are very happy we chose Cozy Cabins and their team to complete this venture.

S. Crandell

Canton, PA

Quite an Upgrade

To the Cozy Cabins & Hill View Mini Barns people,

Thank you isn’t adequate enough to capture how thrilled we are with our cabin.  It was easy and a joy to work with you all.  We are absolutely thrilled and overjoyed with the result.  As our kids say, “this is quite an upgrade” (from the camp with a leaky roof that was sinking into the ground) literally.  We are amazed with all the house-warming gifts and your excellent and thoughtful work will be enjoyed for a long, long time!

P. Sturtevant



Molunkus, ME

Excellent service

It was a pleasure working with Dean and Dave from the beginning to the end they were very helpful, accommodating and worked with us to make sure that everything went smoothly. I was surprised how fast the house went up and how professional the crew was. Even after the house was up there were a few issues that needed to be attended too that were addressed immediately. Excellent service!

U. Procuik


Lehighton, PA

pa modular mountaineer deluxe cabin
Attractive High Quality Home

From start to finish, the folks at Cozy Cabin were extremely helpful, kind and courteous. They helped us design, complete and stay within our allotted budget for our dream cabin. We can highly recommend them to others who want to build an attractive and high quality home.

J. Von Stetten

New Milford, PA

By Far the Better Quality Home

If you are considering purchasing a cabin I highly recommend Cozy Cabins. We looked at other modular homes and Cozy was by far the better quality home. Whenever I had a question during the process Cozy was very responsive. I not only would recommend them but I may buy another one!!

R. Schira

Walnutport, PA

metal roof on ranch modular log cabin
Cozy Cabins Gets My Highest Recommendation

This was such a pleasant experience from start to finish. Everything we asked for we received. We truly had no quality or delivery issues. Great people to deal with. Cozy Cabins gets my highest recommendation!

D. Durdock

Spring Mills, PA

pioneer log home builders in pa
Never Had a Better Experience

From day 1 sitting down with Dean and choosing our cabin plan, until finished product, I never had a better experience, nor have I dealt with nicer people than those at Cozy Cabins. I highly recommend them to ANYONE!

R. Rockwell

Mill Hall, PA

Happy With the Finished Product

I have been in business for 29 years so I’m aware of the challenges that can occur on a project like this. We were happy with the finished product and would recommend Cozy Cabins. Valley View Builders also did a great job for us.

L. Fisher

Robertsdale, PA

Everything Built Very Precise

The shop crew did an excellent job of having everything built very precise which makes everything fit together nice at setup. Onsite crew made everything look very easy on setup day and had everything finished up in a very short time.

J. King

Wrightsville, PA

We Have Gotten So Many Compliments

Thank you so much for helping us fulfill our dream. You guys made a stressful project easier. We have gotten so many compliments on the house and we really love it! I don’t know if we ever thanked you for the gift box that came with the house but we really appreciate it. The glasses, pitcher, throw and of course, the bears were a very nice gift. Thank you again to you, Dean and the rest of your team. May God bless!

B. Books

Narvon, PA

Very happy with Cabin and the Folks at Cozy Cabins

Very happy with cabin home and the folks at Cozy Cabins. They have great patience and welcoming guidance from inception to finished product. Plenty of positive comments from all around me. Quality is top notch for a modular. Thanks to David, Dean and crew.

A. Jeffries

Blain, PA

Cabin Finished Early

From our initial inquiry about Cozy Cabins we were extremely impressed. Dean helped us & was extremely courteous & professional every step of the way. He always was prompt in answering our questions. The cabin was not only finished on time, but actually early! Cozy Cabins worked very well with our general contractor which made the job go on without any problems. We love our Cozy Cabin!

T. Bennawit

Saxton, PA

Everything Cozy Cabins Said They Would Do was Done

My wife and I met with Dave and was impressed with his knowledge and suggestions. We walked through the fabrication facility and found the quality exceptional. Everything Cozy Cabins said they would do was done. We love our new cabin.

M. Rupert

Austin, PA

Quality of the Cabin is Amazing

Greatest home buying experience of my life. The quality of the cabin is amazing- every corner is 90 degrees, comes with ceiling fans in every room, all the lights you would need. The setup crew was young in terms of age, but blew me away with their knowledge and quality of work. They are also such nice people. Great job guys. I highly recommend you. And more importantly, my wife agrees!!

A. Dellanno

Long Pond, PA

Still Blown Away

We were looking to build a log house on our wooded property. We quickly came to the conclusion that one must be independently wealthy to pull such a feat off. Fortunately, we found Cozy Cabin’s web site and were immediately drawn to the Mountaineer Deluxe account the beautiful knotty pine interior finish and all the amenities we were looking for. We made an inquiry and were directed to Tri-County Homes in Shippenville, PA as the local contractor. We made a trip there, met Brad and took a tour of their Cozy Cabin Frontier model. After seeing the quality of the construction and finished product, we made a trip to Cozy Cabin’s facility to see the actual Mountaineer Deluxe model. We met with Dean who took the time (about two hours) to do a walk through with us and answer all of our questions. Needless to say we were impressed. We returned to Tri-County Homes, worked out the details with Brad, and ordered the home of our dreams. We actually made another trip to Cozy Cabin’s facility to tour our home as it was in the final stages of construction. Once again Dean spent about two hours with us walking through our home to be. On June 15, 2018 our home was set on the foundation and was under cover in one day! Then the subcontractors for Tri-County Homes took over to do the finish work. They were phenomenal! There were absolutely no issues during the completion and the final project turned out way above our expectations. Steve, Howie and Brad from Tri-County Homes kept on top of construction. The folks that did all finish work were both professional and personable. We moved into our dream home on December 6, 2018. As I write this, it’s a year since the house was set on foundation. We’re still blown away at the quality job and the amazing home that Cozy Cabins and Tri-County Homes built for us. I’m retrospect I’m glad we choose a Cozy Cabin home over [solid log] construction. We got a better value, and a better home, for our money. I give my highest recommendation to Cozy Cabins and Tri-County Homes.

C. Kalish

Polk, PA

Long Held Dream now a Beautiful Reality

Love our Cozy Cabin! We could not have asked for a better experience than we had with Cozy Cabins. Dean and Dave were experienced, personable, easy to work with and sincere. They stayed involved with all the details of our project beginning to end and never seemed to mind our endless questions. Everything we asked for they provided – from changes to the floor plan to extra materials for a fully complete project and beyond. Our Mountaineer Deluxe is beautifully crafted using high quality materials, all delivered and assembled on our site in a very timely manner. We can’t say enough great things about our experience and the results. Our Cozy Cabin, a long held dream, is now a beautiful reality! Thanks Cozy Cabins!!

E. Unger

Morris, PA

musketeer log home builders in pa
We Just Love Living in our Cabin

Our experience with purchasing a Cozy Cabin has been a truly positive one. We were so pleased how we were treated by the friendly staff. I made numerous phone calls to them at various times and they were always pleasant and very helpful. They delivered our home in a timely manner and everything went smoothly. The crew that set up our cabin was very experienced and pleasant also. We just love living in our cabin. We have shown it to people and have recommended Cozy Cabins to others. A great experience!!!

*project note: This was a Cozy Cabins display that was sold to the Messners when replaced. Photo taken while on display.

D. Messner

Coatesville, PA

The Workmanship is Amazing

Thank you so much for the lovely housewarming give & of course also for out beautiful new cozy cabin! Due to delays from the electric company, we are not yet in the house. However, the house is amazing & we can’t wait to move in! The workmanship is amazing & exceeds all expectations. Thank you to all at Cozy Cabins!

L. Weisman

Greenwich, NY

It Has Been a Pleasure

Just a short note to tell you how happy we are with the cabin and with the whole delivery process yesterday. Everyone was great. We were especially impressed with the two young men who remained after the delivery to finish up the cabin installation. They worked very hard and did a super job with the finishing touches. What a pleasant surprise the box of cabin warming gifts was. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and the company. We will certainly recommend you to anyone who may be considering a similar project. Thank you again for all of your help. We are looking forward to many pleasant visits to our new cabin.

S. Young

Milroy, PA

Proud to Call Home

Going on four years living in our cabin. The quality workmanship is holding up perfectly. The cabinetry still functions as brand new. A truly well made, quality product we are proud to call home.

P. Barlow

Buckingham, VA

chesnut brown log home with two story porch
The Team had Our Complete Trust

We sure love this cabin. The quality of your work exceeded our expectations. It is beautiful and “cozy”. The best part of the whole project is working with a team that had our complete trust. From the proposal to the setup crew we experienced a team that was well qualified and experienced in their field. We are now enjoying it with family and many friends.

The Burkholders

Denver, PA

Would Like to Live in it Full Time

We are so happy with this cabin. We would just like to move into it full time. Visitors also really like it. Hermon and his crew [general contractor] also did and excellent job.

J. Beiler

Orbinsonia, PA

Beyond Thrilled

Kudos to Cozy Cabins!!!! We absolutely love our new 26×30 Chalet!!! Our completed home has far surpassed our expectations! Our neighbor (who also happens to be our foundation guy) is in awe of the craftsmanship of our cabin (and he has seen his share of modular homes). I have contacted Edwin at NCSB and extended our most sincere thanks and gratitude for their promptness, dedication to perfection and the incredibly smooth process from initial inquiries to completed project. They finished in 6 days!!!

We are the envy of our neighborhood on the lake. Even boaters going by have shouted their pleasure!! People have stopped in and been blown away!! Our very close friend (a master carpenter) came to visit and couldn’t stop raving over the craftsmanship and attention to detail!!! I have attached a couple of pictures (feel free to use and share).

We were very surprised at our homeowner gifts as well!! How very thoughtful!! Thank you! Please extend our gratitude to your builders, designers, engineers and every single person involved with our cozy cabin!!! We are beyond thrilled!!! What great work you’ve done! We are dropping the name of Cozy Cabins and NCSB to everyone we can! You guys rock!!

S. Schwaiger

Remsen, NY

Custom Log Home Built in Rexford, New York
Stumbled Upon a Goldmine

When you talk to most people about building a new home mainly you hear the horror stories- dishonest builders, shoddy construction, etc.  As I’ve told Fred I feel like I stumbled upon a goldmine!  I really just saw the modular home photo in your catalog when I was buying the shed a few years ago and that’s what started me onto it.

The cabin itself was constructed to perfection, I can’t get over the fit and finish!  The local building department commented they haven’t seen it’s equal for a modular. Site work was all executed beautifully with incredible coordination by all parties…  and it was so helpful to have suggestions from experts like Fred to advise on last minute details like exact placement of the garage, how stairs and even lighting could best be setup.  I’ve received countless positive comments from everyone who comes by.

As you know the entire process wasn’t easy due to the various issues I had outside your / my control… but I’m very glad I pushed on and have been rewarded with a beautiful home and a valuable investment. Also I do love my custom floor plan and I know others do too- so glad you were able to put that together for me. So thank you so much, keep up the great work, and I’ll continue to highly recommend you guys to anyone who listens!

A. Farrell

Rexford, NY

Millinocket, ME Modular Log Home with Loft
Craftsmanship Evident Throughout Every Inch of our Cabin

Just a quick note to say “thank you” to you and your entire staff at Cozy Cabins. We are very pleased with the quality product you delivered to our family. Thank you for welcoming us into your manufacturing facility and walking us through the manufacturing process, allowing us to visit your model homes, answering our many questions, and helping with the selection of various options. Your attention to detail and quality craftsmanship are evident throughout every inch of our cabin! Thank you for helping make our dream of owning a lakefront cabin a reality!

N. Dechenes

Millinocket, ME

Modular Log Home in West Chester, PA
Most Reliable Log Cabin Home Builder

Cozy Cabins is without a doubt the best and most reliable log cabin home builder. From day one I felt confident in their sales staff and later in their construction staff. Dean and Dave were most helpful and patient as it took me quit some time to get started. Once underway they were available to me daily. Once the finished cabin was completed on site, it was amazing. Jeff and his finishing crew were spectacular. Never seen better craftsmanship. If you’re looking for the real deal, call Dean or Dave at Cozy Cabins. You won’t be disappointed!

D. Grandizio

West Chester, PA

Musketeer Log Home Built in Millmont, PA
We Love Our Musketeer

We couldn’t be happier with Cozy Cabins. They made our home buying a real pleasure. Our salesman Dean was truly a gentleman. He walked us through the process from the start to the finish. We truly love how our Cozy Cabin turned out! When it came time to set the cabin the four gentlemen that came to set it knew just what to do! And within a few hours our cabin was SET! We love our Musketeer! Thanks Cozy Cabins owner Dave & sales rep. Dean for making our dream come true! With all the special things I wanted done! You made it happen! You are a true blessing!

L. Dersham

Millmont, PA

Single Story Cabin in Auburn, PA
So Blessed to Work With This Company

We LOVE our new home from Cozy Cabins!! Everything about our experience with this company has been amazing. The salesman was very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. The factory our home was built in was very clean, organized and equipped with a crew of men that took pride in their work. My husband is very picky, and he raves about the quality of their workmanship! The set up crew was amazing! We were so pleased and blessed to work with this company. This home has been a dream of ours for 40 years and Cozy Cabins has made that dream come true.

D. Lowthert

Auburn, PA

Mountaineer Deluxe Log Cabin in Kutztown, PA
Awesome House

The 28×52 Mountaineer Deluxe that I bought is an awesome house. The spacious great room is the best part and makes the house feel huge. I was impressed with how well insulated it is, which really makes it easy to heat. The setup and delivery crews did not cut any corners. They were fast and professional and all of the house pieces fit together nice and tight. I really feel like this is one of the highest quality homes I could have bought and I know it will last a long time. I would highly recommend a Cozy Cabin.

C. Gehringer

Kutztown, PA

Modular Log Cabin in Union Dale, Pennsylvania
Constantly Impressed by the Quality

From the very first time I spoke with Dave, through the entire planning, building and delivery process, I was completely happy. Working with Dave and Dean was always a worry-free experience. They were able to answer every question I had immediately and were incredibly accommodating of every alterations we made in customizing our home, a 26×52 [Chalet]. We’ve used our cabin now for a full year and have had no issues whatsoever. The quality is outstanding and the home is extremely well built. We’ve gotten to know every nook and cranny of our cabin over the year and constantly found little things that impressed us about the quality or the materials used. We installed ours in a very cold climate yet the house is so comfortable and holds heat in the winter amazingly well due to the fit and finish of the construction, yet the house is never hot in the summer due to the abundance of windows, vaulted ceiling and insulation. The delivery process was impressive, and certainly not to be missed by any buyer. We also had no issues at all with compliance to the local building code as homes are built to all specs. We couldn’t be happier with the home and have had countless compliments from visitors over the past year. If we had the chance to build all over again we wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you Dave and Dean and everyone at Cozy Cabins!

J. Duffey

Union Dale, PA

Single Story Log Cabin Home in PA
Expectations Exceeded

Cozy Cabins exceeded my expectations in all my dealing with them.

J. McHale

New Albany, PA

Campground Log Cabin Complex in Rockwood, PA
On Schedule and On Budget

Our project with Cozy Cabins was significant with the design and construction of our new campground office / store complex and (2) new full service camping cabins during the summer of 2016. The folks at Cozy, particularly our sales rep Dean Zimmerman were very professional and worked diligently to get the project completed with many necessary design changes and modifications. Ours was a commercial code structure so everything had to be done to exact specifications. The set up crew was extremely capable and the building went up on schedule and on budget. Overall, we were very pleased with Cozy Cabins and would recommend them to anyone else considering a commercial project.

Doug H.

Rockwood, PA

Custom Log Home Builders in Shickshinny, PA
So Much More Than Just a House

We just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you have done for us. To you it was just another day at work, but to us it was putting down our roots and providing us a place to love and grow our family and friendships. Building the house was one of the most stressful tasks we ever had to undergo, but the competence, professionalism and overall kindness and caring of your people was at times one of the few things that gave us the strength and determination to see the house through to the end (or beginning, depending on how you look at it).

It is so much more than just a house to us. It was a pleasure working with you and we wish you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays and the brightest of New Years!  From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

*project note: This was a Cozy Cabins display that was sold to the Baileys when replaced. Photo taken while on display.

A. Bailey

Shickshinny, PA

Log Home with 2-Car Garage in Todd, Pennsylvania
So Impressed With Operation and Staff

Earl and I can’t thank you enough for all that you had helped us with in getting this project started and now just about completed. Referring us to Herman [general contractor] was a gift from God. We could not ask to have anyone better than him and his crew. We are so impressed with your operation from start to finish and with your staff as well. Very professional and courteous.

We are enclosing the last payment for you according to our documentation. But if we owe more or missed something, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. If you are ever in that area, please call. If we are up there we would love to have you visit.
God bless all of you.

D. Burg

Todd, PA

Custom Cape Cod on Basement Log Cabin in Westfield, PA
Helped Us Design a Cabin to Fit Our Needs

You helped us design a modified cabin to fit our needs – Thank you! I especially appreciated your honesty during the planning process when you recommended changes (to what we’d designed) to make the floor plan flow better and be more realistic. We’re very happy with the result, and glad we followed your advice. Our friends & family have been very impressed with the quality of the work, especially the interior of the cabin. And the delivery crew was fast and professional.

M. Wright

Westfield, PA

Impeccable Workmanship and Service

Working with Cozy Cabins & Dean Zimmerman was an excellent experience. They were extremely timely with their estimates & correspondences. The workmanship & service was impeccable. I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.

T. Nichols

Cairo, WV

Modular Log Home Builders in York PA
It’s Like Being On Vacation

We were treated very well. Your display model became our display model on a five acre field. We enjoy living in the cabin every day. It’s like being on vacation. Your sales rep answered all of our questions, and we enjoyed the tour of the plant. Thank you for holding our cabin ’til our land was ready.

*project note: This was a Cozy Cabins display that was sold to the Dettingers when replaced. Photo taken while on display.


York, PA

Frontier with attached garage built in PA
Amazed by the Professionalism

Buying our home from Cozy Cabins was a pleasant experience. I had made several changes to the Frontier floor plan with attached 2 car garage and Dean handled them very quickly. Dean was also very helpful making suggestions on changes and pricing. (My wife) and I were amazed by the professionalism and efficiency of delivery and setup crew working long hours to complete the project. The crew had to install metal roof on site with rain in the forecast and they completed it before the rain came. The finished house is beautiful and many of our friends have commented about how nice it is. I would definitely recommend Cozy Cabin LLC to my friends.

J. Curchoe

Newfoundland, PA

Pioneer Log Modular Cabin in Dickerson, MD
Ended Up With a Home I Love

I did not know anything (about new homes). Ended up with a home I love. And my friends and family think it’s perfect for me. Thank you.

R. Greenberg

Dickerson, MD

modular log cabin with porches
Done in a Week

Every time we called Dean he had the answer. The (setup) crew was from Jersey Shore. They were unbelievable. Couldn’t believe it was done in a week. ps. We may have you build a house for us yet. Thanks guys. Great job.

T. Peifer

Galeton, PA

Understood Our Dreams

Cozy Cabins personnel was very helpful ans we dreamed about a hunting cabin. They understood our dreams and ideas and were quick with quotes. They were patient with us when our site was not ready as planned. Now all is finished and we are happy with it! Dean gets a high-five!

N. Zimmerman

Hustontown, PA

Wish I Could Get This Service Everywhere!

The sales rep was very helpful in setting up the inside of the home the way I wanted it. He made suggestions as to get everything to fit that I wanted to fit. I have had the home for one year now and it’s perfect, it was installed on time and and well, I have no complaint and wish I could get service like that everywhere!

M. Canale

Canton, PA

Enlightening to Observe

The delivery and cabin location was very enlightening to observe. Everything was done efficiently and very quickly. Marvelous. Even on the hottest summer days, the cabin is very comfortable.

L. Bellucci

Lakeville, PA

Frontier Log Home built in Sellersville, PA
A Terrific Job

We love our home – it is well built and “cozy”! The crew did a terrific job – even with the tight turn and muddy drive. Thank you so much for helping us get our home. We’ve recommended you to several others. Only one thing we’d change – we would love a “farm” sink option (we’ll eventually put one in).

MacCullough sisters

Sellersville, PA

Just What We Wanted

The day that we walked into the cabin there in the lot we know it was just what we wanted. The construction is so nice and well built. We are very pleased with the cabin and your sales crew couldn’t have been nicer to us through the whole process and we are still considering updating to a home on our property from you in the future. Keep up the good work.

J. Flanders

Richfield, PA

Pennsylvania Log Homes
Unsurpassed Quality

It has been about a year since our new Cozy Cabins home was delivered (a very difficult delivery based on our location). We felt like a letter was in order as a result of the quality of life that we now have because we selected a Cozy Cabins home. As far as we are concerned the quality of our home is unsurpassed for what we have seen in the modular structures market. We continue to notice the quality of construction, hardware and accessories that are all a part of our home. It would appear that when faced with a decision to improve the look or quality of your product…vs. saving some construction costs and adding to your profit margin…you took the high road every time. From framing to the bathroom fixtures, we are extremely pleased with our decision to buy from your company. Various contractors who have worked in our home have been quite complimentary, pointing out double walls, etc. Of course the process was not completely without issue as we had to deal with the miscommunication on the flooring. However, without hesitation, Cozy Cabins totally stepped up and made sure the customer was satisfied with the solution. If a door rubbed, it was fixed! Just wanted to express our appreciation; if Cozy Cabins did not exist, we would probably be sitting in a living room surrounded by drywall instead of being surrounded by natural wood as we watch the fire burning in our fireplace. Thanks to you and your team.

J. Mohler

West Sunbury, PA

Mountaineer Log Cabin Catawissa, PA
Spending Every Weekend

Meant to drop you a line sooner about the cabin. To say we are satisfied is an understatement. We have already had many family get togethers there and it is perfectly suited for large gatherings. Everyone who has visited comments on the quality of the construction as well as its aesthetic appeal. Looking forward to retiring (again) to enjoy it full time.

R. Jennings

Catawissa, PA

West Virginia Log Home Builders
Way Beyond Expectations

Quality and workmanship went way beyond expectations. Every question, all drawings, down to finishing the house were done in a timely manner, and to satisfaction. I have no complaints whatsoever. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Feel free to use me as a reference if you want.

W. Tolley

Sissonville, WV

Totally Satisfied and May Build Another

We were totally satisfied with our new home. The workmanship was amazing. The delivery ran very smooth and everything was done professionally. We have proudly showed our home to many people and highly recommend Cozy Cabins, and are looking to possibly put another home in a new location.

K. Sosnoski

Laflin, PA

Custom Log Cabin Home Builders in PA
Thanks for the Great Job

From the first meeting with Dave, we were very comfortable. The whole experience was smooth and anytime we had questions you always answered and addressed any concerns. After we moved in we had three minor issues and you guys took care of it right away. The crew is to be praised, as they were very professional and courteous. Thanks for the great job. And we enjoy every moment in our new house.

G. Kern

Lehighton, PA

Pleased to Have Found Cozy Cabins

Dean was very helpful. He was easy to work with and always quick to respond to our questions. The whole experience was great. I would, and have, recommended Cozy Cabins to friends, family, and even strangers. Dave and the rest of the Cozy Cabins crew goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. We love our cabin and everyone who sees it is always amazed at the high quality and beautiful craftsmanship that gets put into every cabin. We love it and are so pleased to have found Cozy Cabins.

D. Butler

Huntingdon, PA

Just Love Our Cabin

We are truly satisfied with all aspects of our experience purchasing our cabin. Our salesperson was very polite and answered our questions with great information. Mike was very impressed on the delivery and set up of cabin. We just love our cabin. It’s beautiful and we do feel cozy inside our cabin. Thanks so much!

M. Meyers

Benezett, PA

Surpassed All Expectations

Cozy Cabins allowed enough time in the planning process to understand our unique interior and exterior design requirements and delivered a cabin that surpassed every aspect of our expectations.
D. Hollinger

Denver, PA

Single Floor Cabin with Screened Porch in PA
Coziest Cabin in Forest County

Cozy Cabins is a super company, having a large selection of models, options and friendly salespersons. I received knowledgeable advice over the phone and there is an efficient and professional ordering process. Best of all, the log cabin I ordered was delivered exactly on the scheduled date and the workmanship and materials are all superb quality. I can’t imagine improving over what Cozy Cabins LLC offers. We have the coziest cabin if Forest County, Pennsylvania.

R. Ferry

Tionesta, PA

Amazed by the Quality and Beauty

My total experience from the first meeting with Dean to setup was wonderful. My cabin is absolutely amazing. Everybody who sees it is amazed at the quality and beauty of it.

M. Allman

North Bingham, PA

Pennsylvanian Single Story Log Cabin Home
What a Great Team

This was a great experience. What a great team you have, you should be very proud of your product. You guys helped me find something to meet my budget and I love it. The delivery was amazing, the drivers were fearless, the lane was challenging. Everyone was professional and hard working. I have spent a lot of time in my cabin this first year and it is very, very nice. The quality is excellent and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you! Everyone that sees it thinks it is great. Keep up the good work.

T. Rehman

Mifflintown, PA

Tiny log home manufactured in Maryland
Quality is 100%

Dean, Dave, & crew, We are loving our cozy cabin purchased in November. The quality is 100%. Our family and friends are enjoying having get togethers in it. Our grandchildren are loving it as well. Thanks again for a job well done! P.S. Enclosed a picture of our cabin decorated for Christmas!

C. Monath

Federalsburg, MD

Cozy Cabins Always Goes the Extra Mile

The process of custom designing something went as smoothly as could be! The delivery was as easy. I have already recommended you to other camps and hope to use you again in the future! You always go the extra mile! Thank you! BTW – The installation took longer than expected. The gentleman worked through the night to make it perfect!

Bryn Mawr Camp

Honesdale, PA

Log Cabin with a view in Pennsylvania
Cozy Cabins a Breath of Fresh Air

Dave & Dean did an excellent job of explaining & answering all of our questions. They made several changes to our proposal due to our requests, right down to giving us dimmer switches on lights that we mentioned & were not charged for. The finished product was of excellent quality which we have had several friends & family comment on how beautiful & detailed everything is. On that note we have recommended to many of our friends to use Cozy Cabins when purchasing a cabin or even a modular home. To our knowledge some have even inquired & visited Cozy Cabins. What we really liked is that Dave & Dean provided a certified modular cabin which met all building codes & permits in PA. It was a pleasure to do business with Cozy Cabins – a company run with such honesty & integrity, providing an excellent product. It was such a breath of fresh air dealing with Cozy Cabins & all their staff. From start to finish we could not have asked for a better experience. We love our new home – it truly is a cozy cabin!

C. Browning

Thompson, PA

Modular Log Cabin Home in Lehighton, PA
More Than Totally Satisfied

The whole experience was very pleasant from A to Z. No pressure – No hype, and excellent customer service. Installation was done neatly, professionally, and quickly. In a few words, I am more than a totally satisfied homeowner of a beautiful Cozy Cabin! PS – I have not moved in yet, but you would be surprised about the number of people that stop by to look at the house & ask questions about it.

I. Bilynsky

Lehighton, PA

Log Cabin with Basement Built in PA
Could Not Be Happier

We could not be happier with our Cozy Cabin! Our family truly enjoys every moment we spend in it. It is beautiful and better built than most homes today. The Cozy Cabins team was great in helping us make the best plan and design to suit all of our needs and provided excellent customer service with any of our concerns. We love our cabin!

C. Myers

White Haven, PA

Good Service and Product

Everything from the quote to the delivery went smooth. Communication from the salesman was good, lead time was short, delivery date was met, and the quality of the product was good. The cabin was expensive but the service and quality matched the price. That left me feeling like I got more than I paid for, which is where you always want your customers to be. Thanks for the good service and product!

K. Zimmerman

Denver, PA

Settler camp cabins in Honey Brook PA
LOVE our 4 Camp Cabins

We have LOVED the 4 cabins we purchased from Cozy Cabins! Comments like ‘so clean’, ‘luxurious’, ‘wonderful’, ‘great’, ‘upscale’ have been commonplace. We have recommended Cozy Cabins to several other camps and several have come to see ours. They customized our cabins to perfectly match our need. We had several unusual needs in completing the bathrooms and each need was met. Great guys to work with!

Tel Hai Camp

Honey Brook, PA

Log Cabin for Camp Store in West Virginia
Process Well Above Awesome

We are more than happy with our cabins here in St. George, WV! The entire process from ordering, follow up and delivery was well above awesome! We will continue to order from Cozy Cabins simply because the product that they deliver is top of the line. Many people have stopped in to inquire about the cabins and we give them info on Cozy Cabins! The detail craftsmanship in the wood inside and out is perfect! Cozy Cabins worked with us to come up with a unique design for our General Store and Grill and the layout is great! We love the wood floors and the details in the bathrooms, such as vanity and even the towel and toilet paper holders. Most of all is the rare customer service we received. Thank you again!

Patriots 4 Outdoor Resort

St. George, WV

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