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The Musketeer modular log home is perfect for single-story living, giving you the traditional ‘cape cod’ look, but keeping all your living space on one floor. This cabin is a good choice for a retirement place – or for any of the many other reasons you may want everything on one level. Its gently sloping ceilings grant an open, yet efficient feeling.  Or make use of that steep roofline by choosing our 8′ flat ceiling option which provides a generous attic space.  And if you love porch space (and who doesn’t?) this one has it in spades! Learn more about this model by contacting Cozy Cabins today!

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Our Musketeer Cape Cod Log Cabin Standard Features

The Musketeer’s 6′ deep full-length porch gives it an undeniable advantage.  What a great place to relax after a day at work, or to congregate with friends!  And, because the porch is built outside the main rectangle of the home, the Musketeer gives you extra floor space, giving a multitude of layout possibilities.  Customize the space to your liking.  We’d love to see which design works best for you!

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