Cape Cod Log Cabins

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Cape Cod Style Cozy Log Cabin

Cape Cod Log Cabin

The Cape Cod Log Cabin boasts a beautiful front porch, steep roof, and dormers. The high roof and cathedral ceiling make room for a nice loft over the bedrooms and bathroom. The cabin's full front porch and dormers complete this attractive style.

Cape Cod Log Cabin Standard Features

Insulated windows and entrance door as well as the 5-foot-deep front porch are standard for the Cape Cod Log Cabin. It has a steep roof and 8-foot-high sidewalls.

Cape Cod style log cabin

Cape Cod Log Cabin Sizes

12', 14' & 16' wide and up to 48' long
(porch is not included in dimensions:
5-foot-deep porch, 4' shorter than length of cabin)