Lincoln Log Cabins

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Lincoln Style log cabin

Lincoln Log Cabin

If you are looking for a cute cabin with a full-length front porch, all packed into one efficient package, the Lincoln Log Cabin may be the perfect fit for you. It is a great choice for that weekend cabin by the lake, where you want to sit out and take in the scenery.

This design is a very economical way to get a full front porch since it is inset under the main roof and is factory-built as part of the front module of the cabin. So kick back on the porch. It’s your weekend. It’s your time. It’s your cabin.

Lincoln Log Cabin Standard Features

An insulated entrance door and windows and a full-length, 6-foot-deep porch are all standard features on the Lincoln Log Cabin.

Lincoln Log Cabin Sizes

The Lincoln Log Cabin is available from 22’ to 28’ wide and up to 40’ long (or even longer by request). Remember that the 6’ deep porch is under the main roofline and is deducted from the width of the cabin. This means that a 24’ x 36’ Lincoln has an 18’ x 36’ living space. This narrower width does not allow bedrooms side by side, but they can be put on either end.