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Lincoln Modular Log Cabin Home

Lincoln Log Cabin

If you are looking for a cute cabin with a full-length front porch, all packed into one efficient package, the Lincoln log cabin style may be the perfect fit for you. It is a great choice for that weekend cabin by the lake, where you want to sit out and take in the scenery.

This design is an economical way to get a full front porch since it is inset under the main roof and is factory-built as part of the front module of the cabin. So kick back on the porch. It’s your weekend. It’s your time. It’s your cabin.

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Lincoln Standard Features

A 6′ deep, full-length porch is the real draw to a Lincoln.  It also has beautiful gently sloping ceilings that reach about 9′ at their highest point.  Because the porch is recessed under the main roof, the living space is narrowed.  But it still is wide enough for a nice bedroom, or go with a longer model with bedrooms at both ends.


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